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[HTTP] Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice (2016) V2 HDCAM x264 [1.2GB] 1 Link

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[HTTP] Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice (2016) V2 HDCAM x264 [1.2GB] 1 Link

Post  Rabasha on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:27 pm

Release Info:
Video: x264 1100kbps HQ-2Pass @25fps
Audio: Mp3 2.0 44khz
Language: English
Subtitles: hardcoded English when needed only
Source: thx CPG Friends
Encoder: CPG


Well HOTTEST Movie of the year and here i am with my first Encode of it.
i decided not to do CAMs until line drops but this one might take sometime to show up.

Now to the encode,

for last 2 days i am trying 2 different sources one was filmed in 3D, and second latino, both are unwatchable so i gave up.
today i receieve non-3d source from friend, it was ok but as usual heavy work was needed, colors, blurryness, noise, perspective, blah blah blah....

took my almost a day but finally got nice a total watchable print. Now audio of unknown was not so good so i used JzyB audio. (thx friend for sharing, audios like yours, who need to spend $ on line lol)
lip sync to my video all the way, audio had some background noise so i replace few seconds at 2 different places with Unknown audio,
I also replace one missing part with 3d version just for few seconds it was important scene so i had to do it. Then i added much needed brightness, work on chroma, movie is almost in dark so i have to work smartly to get the best out of it. there is blue advertising bar popping few times @ 04:00 - 07:42, 43:15 - 44:25 & 59:55 - 103.39

its more then watchable and you have my permission to have sex with it i don't care but don't post dummy comments its a CAM and very good one.

i have something in my pocket for line so i will be back BUT this would do just Fine for Now. actually more then fine if you ask me.

Cheers to fellow groups...

[1.2GB] 2 Links

[1.2GB] 1 Link

[1.2GB] 1 Link

[1.2GB] 1 Link

[1.2GB] 1 Link


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