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[HTTP] 007 Spectre (2015) HDCAM x264 HQ Audio [860MB/1.7GB] 1 Link [Resume Able]

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[HTTP] 007 Spectre (2015) HDCAM x264 HQ Audio [860MB/1.7GB] 1 Link [Resume Able]

Post  Rabasha on Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:24 pm

Note :
First thanks to CAST(Latino) for amazing video source, and jzyb for audio
CAM was good one of the best i have seen in long time. audio on other hand is top notch, near perfection for any cam audio i have ever listen to.
did some usual stuff on it, then work on brightness, smooth and put some sharp back. did usual stuff on audio and synced to my video. it was hell of a work. and it went all smooth.
since there are lot of foreign language parts. so what i did is make .srt for all foreign language parts and hardocded to my video, otherwise i would have uploaded this yesterday.

Now before any future encode stole it, remember who brought you this.

i watched this in cinema and i can tell you there is 2min of missing video at start and there is no audio at one point for roughly 30sec. nothing important though.

All in All is definitely watchable.
Sample inlucded
here is my ratings: A8,V9, M=7

Video: x264 2Pass @ 1510kbps
Resolution: 720x352 @ 29.970fps
Duration: 2hr 18mins 29sec
Audio: mp3 2.0 @ 256kbps 48hz
Language: English
Subtitles: English hardcoded for foreign parts only
Source: LatinoCAS | jzyB for audio thanks guys
Encoder: CPG

[860MB] 1 Link

[1.7GB] 1 Link


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