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[HTTP] 8 AutoFX Photo Effects Photoshop Plug-ins (WIN32/WIN64/MACOSX)

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[HTTP] 8 AutoFX Photo Effects Photoshop Plug-ins (WIN32/WIN64/MACOSX)

Post  Rabasha on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:04 pm

8 AutoFX Photo Effects Photoshop Plug-ins (WIN32/WIN64/MACOSX)

8 Full Version Photo Effects From Auto FX Software - 100% Absolutely Photography Effects Software . Get 8 Auto FX Software Photo Effects with the Sampler App. You get example effects from each of the three individual Mystical Products as well as DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1. These 8 Absolutely Photoshop Plugins and Filters cover a large variety of photo enhancement needs. Use as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or as a stand alone. Don't have Photoshop- Don't worry because you do not need any other software to support this photo enhancement solution. Auto FX Software runs on its own platform as a stand alone app.

Combine 8 Pro Level Photo Effects Together for Stunning Results

-Enhance digital photos with instant one click effects
-Improve color, clarity, and focal perspective
-Enhance natural lighting for your photos
-Display pro results without difficult processes
Photoshop Plugins - Focal Zoom Effect
Focal Zoom is part of Mystical Focus Gen1. Focal Zoom generates the proper perspective and depth creating a focal point or emphasizing a particular portion of your image. Photo-realistic depth and variable strength of your blur and motion give the perfect emphasis to any strong point of a picture.

-Some of the Focal Zoom Options Include:
-Define Points of Emphasis
-Create Hard to Soft Motion Blur
-Move Focal Point to the Preferred Point-of-Origin
-Use Brush or Lasso Tool to Add or Remove Focus

Photoshop Plugins - Light Brush Effect
Light Brush is part of the Mystical Lighting and Ambiance Gen1. Light Brush gives you the ability to brush on light in areas of extreme to subtle darkness. Control the amount of light you would like to add with opacity and feather controls.

-Some of the Light Brush Options Include:
-Generate Natural Looking Light Where Needed
-Brush on Light Opacity Determined by the User
-Increase/Decrease Brush Size with Easy Sliders
-Angle Perspective with the Focal Ellipse Tool

Photoshop Plugins - Mood Lighting Effect
Mood Lighting is part of Mystical Lighting and Ambiance Gen1. Mood Lighting lets you apply a darkening effect enhancing the dark mood of any digital image. Choose between the Light Mix - Black Tone to affect just the darkest tones or the Darken Image for an overall pleasing effect.

-Some of the Mood Lighting Options Include:
-Specify Dark Areas to Bring out Depth
-Control the Intensity of the Dark Effect
-Brush off the Dark Effect to Adjust the Light
-Generate a Pleasing Feather Edge to Blend Light and Dark
-Use Brush or Lasso Tools to Add or Remove Darkness

Photoshop Plugins - Vitality Effect
Vitality is part of Mystical Tint Tone and Color. Vitality makes your photos look brighter and emphasize color intensity without making it look like an HDR effect. Saturate the dull and lifeless digital images to bring greater depth and life to your images.

-Some of the Vitality Options Include:
-Increase Saturation as Needed for Desired Intensity
-Define Color Points and Color Variation in Landscapes
-Add Richness to Water without Expensive Lens Filters
-Over-saturate Color for a Dramatic Effect

Photoshop Plugins - Lighten and Sharpen Effect
Lighten and Sharpen is part of Mystical Tint Tone and Color. Lighten and Sharpen gives allows the user to adjust many of the tonal qualities of a photo to lighten and brighten the image while sharpening the details. With Lighten and Sharpen, you can refine the desired tonal range adjustments with ease.

-Some of the Lighten and Sharpen Options Include:
-Enhance the Light Portions of your Images
-Control the Level of Crispness with Easy Sliders
-Paint on Areas of Emphasis with Brush-On Brush-Off Tools

Photoshop Plugins - Sharpen Details Effect
Sharpen Details brings out the highlights in your digital images and brings clarity to the details in seconds. Give photos a crisp clean look.

-Some of the Sharpen Details Options Include:
-Define Details such as Hair for Greater Clarity
-Sharpen Blended Details due to Camera Shake
-Strengthen Points of Emphasis with Easy and Quickness

Photoshop Plugins - Dreamy Photo Effect
Dreamy Photo is part of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1. Dreamy Photo gives images a soft, sultry and romantic feel. This is a superb effect for enhancing stock photography, digital camera photos and any images needing a warm feel added to them

-Some of the Dreamy Photo Options Include:
-Add Soft Blended Contrast To Images
-Offset Ghosting with Zoom Angles and Degrees
-Define Soft Values for a Dreamy Look and Blend Transitions
-Introduce Subtle Tint Highlights

Photoshop Plugins - Mosaic Effect
Mosaic is part of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1. Mosaic makes your photos look as if they were created out of a Mosaic Tile. Photo-realistic depth and variable tile size, along with color options give this effect an infinite number of looks.

-Some of the Mosaic Options Include:
-Define Tiles with Squares, Octagons, and Hexagons
-Define the Depth of the Mosaic Tiles
-Order the Mosaics from Uniform to Randomized
-Control the Size and Spacing of the Mosaic Tiles
-Generate Smooth Blends or Grainy Surfaces

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